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The earlier days saw silk used as a display, thus the term”silk screen” came into existence. The world of images generally identifies silk screen as Serigraphy. Later on polymer meshes were used. Printing technologies and equipments are improving rapidly because of this of which various manifestations have marked themselves in the entire world of printing be it on materials, images or embroidery any other thing. Equipments employed for screen printing. The first and foremost thing to do will be to pick a specific display and then mount it firmly on an aluminium or wooden framework. A stencil is then carved on the display by having the spaces blocked to achieve the specified design. Quality of the ink to be used should be considered according to the plan to be printed and additionally the material onto which the design will be printed. The movement of the mesh is controlled by way of a rubber blade squeegee which is fixed tightly with a stiff handle. The base of the machine holds the material and helps the display to print the design on the material.

Screen printing use. The material onto which the printing needs to be done can constitute of various matters like silk, cloths, cotton, T shirts, polyester, CD covers, ads, posters, watch-dials, medical goods, printed electronics, snowboard images, movie technology and a lot more to name, not to mention the sports business and marketing business too. The use of screen printing is widespread with the usage of quality inks. The display is subsequently set in addition to the desired substance or material. The stencil is not allowed to contact directly with the material or else the display will be prevented. With a light force the display is moved downwards and the ink filling is completed efficiently. The squeegee controls this motion along with the capillary action controls the ink fill.

Screen printing uses three types of press namely the cylinder, flat-bed and the Rotary of which the rotary is the broadly employed press. If the exact same design is usually to be printed again then the display can be used again. The display may be rekindled in case a new design would be to be printed. Distinct layouts use various kinds of inks for printing for creating special effects on the material used and as stated by the demand in the marketplace. The broadly employed ink is “Plastisol” which is lasting and also gives a plasticized texture.

Improving the quality of display psoft hand clear merchandise which makes adjustments in the pigmentation of the ink can be used to change the grade of ink. The creamy nature of the product allows you to increase the quality of screen print. The adhesive quality is fixed by the curable reducer which helps in giving a much better print. Regular sharpening of the squeegee blades must be maintained and the pressure and angles needs to be fixed for the appropriate consistency of the ink. The mesh or display should also be placed properly so as to give a correct deposit of the ink on the material used.

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