Know About Dive Computers

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Basically, dive computer is a device that reveals you deepness, Elapsed Dive Time, temperature level, No-Decompression Dive Time Remaining and lots of other points, depending upon the design you utilize, dive method, as well as whether you are underwater or on surface.But the primary activity of the dive computer- is to calculate the nitrogen loading as well as oxygen toxicity degrees and also compute one of the most ideal and the safest emerging procedure, handle decompression, as well as the surface period in between the dives. In shorter words – it assists us staying out from entering the Decompression Illness as long as we comply with safety rules, warnings as D4i Novo well as alarm systems.

It streamlines our diving by replacing Recreational Dive Planners (RDP) as well as Wheels (however it is still a smart idea to maintain RDP or Wheel as a backup)!

Depending upon the computer, you might have adhering to dive methods:





Some of the scuba dive computers could be configured for approximately 3 gas mixes as well as without opportunity of changing between them during a single dive, and computer HelO2 by Suunto, might be configured for around 8 gas mixes, and can be made use of for diving with Air, Nitrox, as well as Trimix.

Next feature is the air-integration. You will certainly meet 3 alternatives below:

hose air-integrated dive computer;

hoseless air-integrated dive computer;

dive computer without air combination

With hoseless (cordless) air combination you have to have a transmitter installed on the regulator. Many of hoseless air-integrated versions have Friend Stress Examine attribute, which implies that you might examine atmospheric pressure of your ‘pal’ utilizing your very own computer if your buddy’s transmitter is properly paired with your computer.

Another essential feature is settlement for Altitude diving. Many devices these days automatically make up for elevation diving and also give you readjusted no-decompression times and depths, according to your present elevation. In some models you may set up by hand elevation in certain varieties, like in Suunto as well as Mares brand names.

It is worth to point out here Personal Traditional Element adjustment. Equally as an instance – if Aeris computers enable us to set this aspect merely to ON/OFF state, Mares and Suunto models provide us possibility to raise or lower degree of conservatism by choosing between greatest as well as cheapest levels. As well as this gives us possibility to set our computer for either liberal or conventional diving.

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